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On NWN! Productions

  • We're now also supporting PENTACLE (Netherlands) on August 23rd in Los Angeles!

  • We're supporting KETZER (Germany) on August 9th in Saint Louis, and supporting PENTACLE (Netherlands) on August 29th in Chicago!


  • Recordings have begun for our third LP,
    The Unburiable Dead. Drums are almost complete.

  • Our recent release, Veneration, contains meticulously crafted covers of Slaughter Lord, Sacrilege, Mefisto, Vulpecula, Nepenthe, RU Dead? and Dokken.

    The CDs, LPs, and band exclusive limited edition Picture Discs and official shirts are available from us now!

    Here's the tracklist and MP3s of two tracks are linked below.

  • NWN is now streaming all our releases in their entirety.
    Click on Veneration, Incendiary, Firestorms and Chaos, and Return to Dust to hear them whenever you wish!

  • Return to Dust CDs are again available.

  • Incendiary CDs/LPs/DieHardPicLPs and Incendiary and Firestorms and Chaos patches are still available!

  • VULPECULA - In Dusk Apparition  LPs and the last few CDs are still available.